Best Cat Beds Under £50

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Your feline friend is an important pet, and you’ll want to keep him/her warm and feel safe, their beds are an important place to go, and finding the best cat beds under £50 or an affordable price isn’t always easy.

Having a feline as a pet and companion could be quite a remarkable experience if its living condition is perfect. One of the ways to ensure your kitty’s comfort is by procuring a suitable bed for it. Cats are heavy sleepers, and they sleep for up to 15-20 hours a day.

Moreover, they look for a suitable spot around the house to sleep, such as cardboard boxes, laundry baskets, armchairs, folded clothes, and the likes. They may find any of the mentioned items quite comfortable, but wouldn’t it be best if you got kitty a proper bed to sleep in?


When choosing a bed for kitty, it is ideal you go for one that can be easily maintained. One of the most important factors that should not be compromised is hygiene. You should go for a bed that you can easily clean, and handle. Changing and washing the covering of the inner cushion regularly is quite a necessity as it curbs any infection development.

Thus, before buying a bed for your cat, ensure it can be easily maintained.


Self-heating beds are the best option, especially during winter. It also helps older cats who struggle to keep themselves warm. However, radiator beds are cheaper to procure, and they come with an extra benefit of hanging off the ground. The nights are usually cold, and it is best you choose the bed that helps in keeping your furry friend warm.


It is very necessary to make sure that the bed of your cat is its appropriate size. You wouldn’t want your furry friend’s bed to be so small that it’s difficult to move around in.

Moreover, it shouldn’t be so cavernous to the point that it’s not cozy. Cats feel a lot better when you place them in a cozy bed. So, you should always keep your cat’s size in mind before buying a bed. If possible, outgrow her current bed.

Best Cat Beds Under £50


With this cozy bed, your whiskered friend is in for having a great time resting and sleeping. It is maintenance-friendly and quite convenient as it comes with a top covering which can be removed to have an open bed, or fixed to create a warm and dark sleeping spot for your cat.

The Oslo Pod’s roof is also designed with a sturdy material that can appropriately withstand any form of cat jumps. Even if another cat jumps on it while in use, it won’t collapse. Not to mention, it has great padding. It comes with a padded sheepskin at the base which helps in keeping your pet warm and safe.

It has a cozy inner cushion, and it can be easily removed and washed. Thus, hygiene isn’t compromised.


Another pet bed to consider is this soft, fluffy one. It is warm, comfortable, and non-toxic. During cold nights and days, your cat is sure to derive warmth from this luxurious bed. There is a thick waterproof fabric at the base.

Cats and dogs love to curl up in certain sofas and corners, and this bed provides such comfort. Given its portability, it can be folded for traveling and storage purposes. It can be placed on chairs, sofas, floors, beds, perches, and the likes. It can be hand-washed and sundried.

Moreover, it is also suitable for small and medium dogs, guinea pigs, kittens, hamsters, rabbits, and other types of pet animals. It is comfy and cheap.


This is another shade of delight you can give your furry friend. It is ultra-soft, comfy, warm, and it is made of soft polyester material. It also has a non-slip bottom material, and it has walls that provide support for your pet to rest its head, neck, and back.

It is designed with a quality fabric material, and it gives your pet a great sleeping experience. With the TOPETOFNOTCH cat bed, healthy rest and sleep are assured.


This is also another soft haven for your furry friend. It is designed with a soft and fluffy material. It is also maintenance-friendly, and it is machine washable (at 30c). As the name implies, it is shaped like a doughnut and it is padded at the sides and base with a thick material.


The Banbury & Co cat igloo bed is PU branded and designed to give comfort to your furry little friend. It is a luxury bed with a removable cushion. This makes it easy for you to remove and wash it and it also provides a reversible colorway.

Moreover, this bed has a faux sheep shearling-lined on the inside to ensure warmth and comfort for your pet. It also has a natural design that blends with your home interior and a fun hanging teaser toy for your pet during playtime.


This bed is the perfect place for your kitty to snooze, hide, and sleep. It is made from a super soft fabric that is extremely soft and cozy. It combines both style and comfort and has tough stitching to give it durability. Moreover, it has a non-slip base that further gives comfort to your pet and it can only be hand-washed.


The Bedsure pet tent is a gift your furry friend will always be grateful for. It features an enclosed tent shape that looks like the roof of a house. Also, it has a removable cushion that is soft, fluffy, and washable.

However, the Bedsure pet tent is made of 100% microfiber material and high density foam. It also has an anti-slip bottom that keeps the bed in place even when your cat wriggles.

This bed also comes with a leather loop handle at the top that makes it easy for it to be picked up or carried around. You can also easily set it up at home and take it along with you on trips.


With this bed, your pet would have the perfect spot to sleep and curl up in. It doesn’t just have an interesting and lovely appearance; it is also very soft and warm.

More so, it has a self-warming faux at the surface that mimics the mother’s fur and induces deep sleep. The faux material is also soft and comfortable for the skin of your pet. Moreover, it is made with an anti-slip material that keeps the bed in place and also a mildew-proof at the bottom that allows it to be placed anywhere.

However, this bed has a raised rim that would make your pet feel safe and give good head support. It’s super soft filling also offers joint and muscle pain relief. It can also be washed by machine.


The Inmozata grey is a soft, fluffy, and skin-friendly bed for your cat to lie in. It is made of PP cotton and plush material that is warm for your pets even in cold weather. However, it is lightweight and convenient for storage. You can easily place it on your beds, couches, floors, sofas, perches, and cars.

This awesome cat bed also has a triangular design that provides cat climb inside. It is also very cozy and can be washed by machine.

Finding a Cat Bed Under £50

This is one point you must thoroughly consider. You must set a budget before going shopping for a new cat bed. It all depends on what you want. Do you prefer having a whole room for your cat or a corner in your house for your kitten condo? Do you want to have a cuddle curler downstairs and a nice basket bed upstairs?

Once you have an idea of what you want, the prices range from £20 and above for standard cat beds. Heated cat beds range from £50 to £100. You can get one that is custom made with your choice of colors and fabric for £2,500. Just make sure to get a bed at a price within your budget.