Best Camping Pillows 2020

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Some camping regions can be chilly, especially in the UK, and finding the best camping pillows in 2020 is important to stay warm and have support for your neck. Why not glam your camping experience? 

Most experienced campers will have a ‘special’ pillow that will greatly approve their much-needed rest after a day of hiking or other outdoor activity. 

Some campers may be able to sleep easily in a tent without a pillow, but we can assure you that camping with a pillow can improve your overall rest especially over multiple nights, even decrease spine, muscle, and heat stress. 

Camping pillows have recently been improved with memory foam, ergonomic options, and some other technologies found in mattresses. Some of these options are easily transportable and great if you want to take it with you if you’re hiking for a long day. 

Here are some of the best camping pillows you should consider: 

Brief Look At The Best Camping Pillows

  • Trekology Ultralight Inflating Pillow
  • Sofi Camping Memory Foam Camping Pillow
  • JÖKEL Inflatable/Memory Camping Pillow

Now you’ve taken a brief look at the best camping pillows, take a look below for a comprehensive look at them. 

Comprehensive Look at the Best Camping Pillows in 2020

  • TREKOLOGY Ultralight Inflating Camping Pillow

The TREKOLOGY Camping Pillow is a great option for any camper, although it’s an inflatable pillow it’s probably one of the most comfortable camping pillows and is voted Amazon’s Choice. It comes in 7 colours and weighs under 600grams. 

It comes in at under £14 and has great value for money given the quality of the item. With over 7,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.8 Star rating, you can’t go wrong with this item. 

Pros: Very portable, lightweight, east stored for travel, good price.  

Cons: Not as comfortable as some other options but overall excellent choice. 

  • Sofi Camping Memory Foam Pillow 

The Sofi Memory Pillow is a bit more expensive than some of the other options, but with good reason. Sofi’s pillow is a memory foam compressible pillow with breathable technology to ensure that you keep warm and have an ‘orthopedic’ night’s sleep. 

Sofi is lined with heat-regulating fibers and vented micro holes to ensure that the air is being shifted through without losing temperature. The pillow also rolls into a compressible bag to ensure that the least amount of room is used for your trekking. 

  • JÖKEL Inflatable/Memory Camping Pillow

This camping pillow is a hybrid both inflatable and memory foam, these are often the best of both worlds, comfortability, and compressibility which means that this pillow will be great for space-saving when traveling. 

Jokel is water-resistant, supportive and ergonomic, adjustable in comfort, and also very soft and comfortable, this pillow is a great option for those wanting the best of both worlds camping pillow. 

How We Determine The Best Camping Pillow 

You’ll likely look for several different things in a pillow for camping, here are some of the things that are important in a camping pillow:

  • Price
  • Weight 
  • Comfortability 
  • Compressibility 

All of these aspects are factored into our ranking of each camping pillow, although different pillows will suit different people.

How To Choose The Best Camping Pillow For Me?

Personally, we lean towards the SOFI pillow and TREKOLOGY, both are excellent camping pillows that are well suited to any camper, but you’ll need to choose which one suits you best if that be a hybrid camping pillow or an air/inflatable pillow.

Everything we’ve recommended in this article highlights what every camper needs, portability, weight, and comfort. Comfort seems to be a popular option, however, some DofE trekkers may want an inflatable pillow due to their easy portability but lack in comfort.

Stuff Sack Pillows, Hybrid Pillows, Compressible Pillows, and Inflatable Pillows are some of the most popular options for most campers and should be considered. All of the above options are fairly obvious, for example, Hybrid Pillows are a mixture of an air bladder (Inflated) and a layer of memory foam, which are more compact than a ‘Compressible camping pillow.’