Best Rustic Bird Feeders

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A lot of people make their gardens a stunning feature of their home, and bird feeders are an important part of this. Rustic bird feeders are often a choice of garden decorators, so here’s a list of the best Rustic bird feeders to add to your garden.

Birds are some of the most beautiful creatures in the world. These creatures give color to the world and make it more attractive. Nothing is better than a beautiful scene of sunrise with birds chirping and dancing here and there. And if you have a beautiful garden on your property, then you can experience this scene. But what can a person do to get a lot of birds in his garden? The simplest way is by adding a bird feeder or two in your garden.

How to Choose the Best Rustic Bird Feeder?

In the case of choosing the best bird feeders, color, shape, type and other factors do not matter. If you are choosing the best bird feeder for your garden, then the first thing you should consider is reliability.

Almost all the bird feeders are either hanged to a tree or are left under the sky without any shelter over them. In this way, the biggest challenge they face is the worst weather conditions. Problems like heavy rainfall, snow, wind gusts make them lose their shape and form in no time. After this, most bird feeders are unable to hold food for birds. The food is also affected that also harms the birds. This is the thing that makes then useless.

Therefore, you should choose the one that is made with hard material and can withstand severe weather conditions.

Best Rustic Bird Feeders 2020

If you want the best rustic bird feeders than no need to waste your time searching over the web. We have come up with some of the best items for you. Let’s go through each of them.

1. Audubon NAGOGREEN1 Going Green Ranch Style Bird Feeder:

If you are looking for the best rustic bird feeders for your garden, then this is your thing. Going Green Bird Feeder has all the properties of a good rustic feeder. First of all, it is made with thick layers of plastic that make it resistant to severe weather conditions. The protective top keeps the rainwater and snow out of its range and the bottom has a thin metal screen with small holes for drainage. Including this, the plastic case on the inside keeps the food tightly packed that prevents it from moisture, and keeps it fresh. The top is removable to add more bird food easily. It is also designed for easy maintenance and can store a total, 3-lbs of bird feed in the container. In addition to it, Going Green Bird Feeder will add to the beauty of your garden as well.


Length: 8 Inches

Width: 8 Inches

Height: 8.5 Inches                   

2. Roamwild Proof Wild Bird Feeder:

Here is another interesting item for you. Roamwild presents its special bird feeders with some of the most useful features. Firstly, it has a simple design and is ready to use straight out of the box. They also offer an antique copper finish that is completely waterproof. The copper finish makes the feeder more attractive as well as dust and stain proof. Also, it comes with a tube-shaped container with a capacity of 3-lbs. The container keeps the birds feed fresh and protected. All the parts are easy to disassemble and clean. In addition to it, they offer one special feature as well. Roamwild bird feeder is equipped with a special mechanism that locks the feeding port just as a squirrel or a big bird tries to feed on it. This is the solution to a problem widely found nowadays.


Width: 8 Inches

Height: 21 Inches             

3. Jeffergarden Outdoor Hanging Wooden House Bird Feeder:

If you want to choose a simple bird feeder for your garden, then here is the perfect item for you. Jeffergarden presents their special wooden house bird feeders. Made of wood with a simple rustic design, this bird feeder attracts many birds to it. The hard material makes it quite strong and durable to withstand the effects of weather. The upper shelter also protects the lower part. There is no tube to hold the food. Instead, the house itself is the container for the bird food. You just need to put the bird food into the house and observe. The birds can freely rest and feed in it. Being suitable for all types of small-sized birds, Jeffergarden Wooden Bird Feeder is the perfect item for your garden.


Length: 8 Inches

Width: 8 Inches

Height: 9 Inches          

4. Good Directions Heart Fly-Thru Bird Feeder:

Apart from other purposes, bird feeders can also be used as excellent gifts. For this, we have the Heart Fly-Thru Bird Feeder. Imagine a scene of trees is the spring season, the season of love. Now, an ordinary bird feeder cannot fit with the scene. But, the heart-shaped fly-thru bird feeder will add to the beauty of it and will make it more attractive. With a unique heart-shaped design and copper finish, this bird feeder can easily withstand the effects of severe weather. The bird feed is stored in a container in the middle and has a capacity of 4.5-lbs with drainage holes as well, which keep the bird food dry and fresh. If you want the perfect gift in form of a bird feeder, them here is the perfect item for you.


Width: 13 Inches

Height: 15 Inches

Depth: 3 Inches       

5. Perky-Pet Gilded Chalet Wild Bird Feeder:

Perky-Pet Gilded Chalet Wild Bird Feeder

This love shaped garden bird feeder is probably one of our favourites in terms of looks, however, at £70, this may be out of people's budget.

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Here is another interesting item for your house. The Perky-Pet Wild Bird Feeder is a multi-featured bird feeder with its rustic gold finish and attractive design. It is made up of metal with a plastic container in the middle that has a capacity of 2-lbs. They have also installed an intelligent lock system to prevent bird food from squirrels. Besides other bird feeders, it has a circular perch, that allows birds to feed on all sides. Besides all the features, this is a beautiful item to place in your garden.


Length: 8 Inches

Width: 8 Inches

Height: 9.75 Inches