Best Garden Candles

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In those long summer days, while the sun is setting and the garden lights are looking rather beautiful, garden candles can be a wonderful touch, but where do you start? – Here we list the best garden candles you can find on the internet!

Most of these garden candles come with anti-bug repellent to ensure that those pesky mosquitoes and other garden annoyances stay away, no need for bug repellent. All of the garden candles listed are perfect near a pond or a bunch of flowers.

These outdoor garden candles don’t have to go away when autumn starts and the bugs go away, these garden candles are irrelevant to the annoying bugs. If you have a decking or other garden area, these candles make these look much more inviting for visitors and the family.

Now in our guide, we’ll be going through each type of candle from traditional wax to battery-operated version, with wide ranges of patterns, colours, and models designed for different functions. Take a look below of the best garden candles we’ve tried and tested in our gardens:

Here is a brief summary of the best Garden candles before we detail each candle:

  • La Jolie Garden Candle 330g
  • AMAYAGA Citronella Outdoor Garden Candle
  • Navaris Solar Garden Candle
  • Clas Ohlson Solar Light for Garden Table
  • Octo Italian Garden Essential Oil Candle
  • The New Flame Co’s Lemon & Basil Vegan Scented Candle

Best Garden Candles 2020

1. La Jolie Garden Candle – Scented Candle 330g Large

La Jolie Garden Candle - Citronella Scented 330g Large

La Jolie has provided an excellent example of a garden candle, as well as removing the need of buying a separate Citronella candle. At £16.99, this is a great choice.

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This outdoor garden candle from La Jolie provides an excellent citronella candle that removes any pesky mosquitoes or pests and also smells great. Not only does this look great it provides a large amount of functionality of removing any bugs, but La Jolie also guarantees a 25-30 hour burning time.

2. AMAYGA Citronella Candla-Scented Candle 425g

 AMAYGA are a popular choice when it comes to garden candles, this slightly larger 425g holding candle with three wicks is a perfect choice for stylish gardens, ensuring that your garden area is very inviting. AMAYGA guarantees a 70 hour burning time, whilst we only had a 60 hour burning time, but these factors in a lot of different things.

3. Navaris Solar Garden Candles

Navaris garden candles are more of a design style than to remove any pesky bugs, these stunning garden lights are perfect for a warm vibe in your garden area if that be a decking or a pond area. These are also solar-powered, so no need for a battery and also come on and off automatically when it turns day tonight.

4.Clas Ohlson ® Solar Light Table Ceramic Garden Lantern

This garden candle/lantern is a perfect choice for those wanting an attractive look to their garden, with its warm lights it’s a very decorative and welcoming look. Clas Ohlson also provides a 2-year warranty to ensure you have a piece of mind when buying this garden lantern. As it’s solar-powered, no need for batteries or turning on and off, it’s all automatic.

5. Octo Italian Garden Essential Oil Garden Candle

This Italian oil candle is the perfect smell, with a blend of Orange, sage and rosemary, it’s perfect for those wanting an area of their garden that smells very summery, it’s produced by a company in London named Octo. This is a perfect candle, but unfortunately on the smaller size at 300g, blended with soy wax.

6. The New Flame Co. Lemon & Basil Vegan Scented Candle

The New Flame Co. has produced a wonderful smelling candle blended with Lemon and Basil for a very summery smell. The New Flame Co suggests a burn life between 45-50 hours, which seems fair from its reviews. The style of the garden candle is perfect for most garden settings. This candle is a great choice for those wanting a great smelling candle with an inviting vibe.