Best Mens Base Layers

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If you’re into fitness, you’ll know that base layers or ‘compression’ t shirts are perfect for those doing heavy intensive exercise. Now, finding the best Mens base layers isn’t always that easy with tens of thousands available.

We’ll be shifting through technology used in these base layers from Nike to Under Armour, all on a budget. Base layers are no longer a piece of tight fabric, they come with breathable technologies developed by Nike and other competitors.

Look below to ensure that you’re getting the best value for money and be sure you’re getting the best base layer for you.

How To Find The Best Mens Bayer Layer

The best base layer should fit you tightly, whilst being comfortable in its design. The base layer should also provide stretch and cling to your body while you move supporting you while exercising. You should always look for snug cuffs on the legs and arms. And depending on the time of the year you particularly exercise, look for either short or long-sleeves on the base layer.

Best Mens Base Layers 2020

1. Under Armour Men’s Ua Heatgear Long Sleeve Base Layer

Under Armour are one of the best sports gear providers in the UK and globally, this base layer provides breathable fabric as well as dries very quickly. This base layer is outstanding in terms of staying cool while intensively exercising.

2. MEETYOO Men’s Compression Shirt

MEETYOO provides an excellent choice for base layers, they’re a cheap yet effective alternative to Under Armour or Nike. It not only is featured with breathable fabric technology but invites PTT material which ensures water distance and stretching of the muscles to reduce the risk of injury. MEETYOO also offers customer satisfaction with 24/7 support in case you have any troubles.

3. Under Armour Men’s Ua HeatGear Short Sleeve Compression

This Under Armour short sleeve is perfect for those working out in intense conditions, with a breathable technology and anti-odour agents while promoting moisture transport to ensure that the base layer stays dry while working out. This product comes in 6 colours to ensure you look good while working out also!

4. TCA Men’s SuperThermal Base Layer

TCA have provided an excellent base layer, this specific design is perfect for winter months or cold conditions, this particular mode of base layer from TCA has designed technology to compress certain areas of the muscle to improve performance and endurance. TCA also provides a large range of colours, 10 different colour variations which all look very cool.

5. Niksa 2 Pack Short Sleeve Sports T-Shirts Mens

Niska’s two-pack of base layers come with brilliant value for money. However, this product was designed for the Japanese market so sizes run 1 smaller, so size up from your normal size. Like TCA, Niksa guarantees customer satisfaction and guarantees that it will reply to any concerns raised by email or from the Amazon platform. Like all the base layers listed, this compression t-shirt provides quick-drying technology to ensure you’re dry and comfortable while working out with these brilliant value for money base layers.

6. Sykooria Men’s Sports Compression Shirt Base Layer

When it comes to base layers, Sykorria provides a cool looking design while ensuring that functionality and features aren’t missed. This fitness brand ensures that their products are filled with the best technology to keep you in the best position while exercising, Sykooria has high-quality materials while ensuring high performance with strong compression areas in key muscles to effectively reduce risk of injury and improving fitness performance.

7. LAFROI Men’s Long Sleeve UPF 50+ Baselayer

If you’re in for a product that completely blocks out any sun, this LAFROI compression layer does the perfect job, and comes in a variety of colours. LAFROI has invested plenty of time developing a compression layer with features that stop you from overstreching your muscles to prevent injuries with improved comfortability and improving fitness performance. This product also comes with some of the coolest designs we’ve seen.

8. Helly Hansen Men’s Stripe Crew Baselayer

This incredibly comfy and durable compression layer made with 100% LIFA fabric for all round use is perfect for those exercising constantly. Helly Hansen has ensured that this base layer transports any moisture towards the top of the fabric to ensure that you’re always dry, leaving you warm, dry and comfortable. This product is a highly thought out product perfect for those constantly working out.

9. AMZSPORT Men’s Long Sleeve Compression Top

AMZSPORT provides yet another base layer for running and exercising, this is likely the most value formoney base layer in this list. This base layer has all the common features and functionality in most of the base layers shown in this guide, anti-odur technology, gradient compression to support particular muscles are highly used while exercising as well as improving blood flow and oxygen supply. AMZSport also provides a great moisture transport system to ensure that you’re constantly dry while exercising.

Guide To Buying The Best Men’s Base Layers UK

Breathability, durability, materials, and the fit of the compression/base layer is perfect, be sure that the base layer compresses against your muscles to improve performance.

  • Breathability: You should look for highly breathable material, shorters fibres in base layers are often looked at as more tearable than longer fibres. For example, Merino wool is an excellent choice.
  • Durability  – As mentioned above, shorter fibres are often less durable than longer ones. Fibres like Merino are perfect for both durability and breathability.
  • Materials – Also are sure to check out what materials are being used in the making process, sometimes extra materials can cause itching.
  • Feel/Fit – Base layers and compression layers are should fit you like they’re not attached to you, make sure that the layer has some sort of moisture transport, most of the time base layers do and it makes a world of difference. Be sure that it’s not too tight and stretches well.

At the end of the day, look at the choices above, all of these have been approved and somewhat used by our experts who found the best mens base layers.