Best Laptop Bags For Men

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We’ve found some of the best mens laptop bags for business, commuting or anything you need a laptop bag for.

There are hundreds of materials and quality defining factors in laptop bags across Amazon and some other e-commerce platforms, and we’ve listed the best below.

Some of these bags are perfect for any situation where you’ll need a laptop bag, specially designed for men, take a look at the best laptop bags for men below:

Best Laptops Bags for Men 2020

1. DOB SECHS 16” 17” 17.3 Inches Laptop Bag

Best Choice
DOB SECHS Laptop Bag

DOB Sech's Laptop Bag for Men is one of the best choices when it comes to laptop safety and store place. Check out this bag on Amazon below:

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This laptop bag is great for any laptop size up to 17”, and is great for businessmen, gamers and anyone needing to travel with their laptop. It’s made from Nylon with Oxford cloth to ensure strength and is extremely sturdy with a long life guarantee. The inside is fully padded with ‘Earthquake resistance, bubble foam padding for full protection against anything that is thrown at your laptop while in the bag.

The bag also comes with a stylish leather strap and an ‘over-shoulder’ strap in case you want it over the shoulder rather than holding it. You can even hold a tablet within the main compartment.

2. Samsonite – Qibyte Laptop Bag

Amazon's Choice
Samsonite Qibyte Laptop Bag

Samsonite is an industry leader when it comes to men's laptop bags, and the Qibyte series is loyal to that statement. Samsonite offers 3 sizes for pretty much any laptop size, perfect for business men, gamers and anyone travelling.

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The Samsonite laptop bag is more expensive than some of the other bags listed here but is also an excellent product, Samsonite is a leader in the mens laptop bag category. Samsonite’s laptop bag comes with smart sleeves, front pockets, dual carry handles with padding and so much more, and even offers a 2-year warranty.

The Qibyte range offers 13” to 17” laptops, also with tablet pockets if you have an iPad or other type of tablet. The inside compartment is lined with a soft inside material with plenty of pockets to keep other items inside, such as power plugs to notepads.

3. SLIN Double-Layer Air Cushion Shockproof Laptop Bag

SLIN Double-Layer Air Cushion Laptop Bag

SLIN's 'Double-Layer' Air Cushion laptop bag is the perfect choice for those wanting extra protection for their laptop, it comes in 7 colours and provides excellent support for your belongings.

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SLIN have done an impressive bag at only £26.99, as seen in the name, the bag is placed between two layouts of air-cushioned technology. This laptop bag also comes in 7 colours, so it’s highly adaptable to whichever colour is your favourite. Compartments for mouses, chargers, notepads and other electronics have been carefully positioned to ensure ultimate safety for your laptop.

4. Bertasche Laptop Bag 17-17.3 Inch

Bertasche Laptop Bag 17-17.3inch

Bertasche provides an excellent choice for those carrying 17inch laptops and wanting protection while having a stylish laptop bag. This bag is one of the best choices for large storage needs.

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This laptop bag has enough space to fit any laptop, well, pretty much any standard-size laptop, 13inch to 17.3 inch. This bag has the perfect compartments for fitting charge banks, chargers for your laptop, a perfectly suited laptop compartment with cushioning, iPad/Tablet holder and enough rough to fit two notepads, this bag has plenty of room to fit anything you need while commuting. It’s also made out of ballistic grade nylon to ensure the longevity of the bag’s reliability. Throughout the reviews on Amazon, it appears that gamers use this laptop bag to carry their gaming laptops! – So if you’re a gamer, this may be the one.

5. Newhey Mens Laptop Shoulder Canvas Messenger Bag

Best Style
Newhey Mens Laptop Bag/Satchel - Leather

Newhey has created a stylish laptop bag while being practical for your needs, this PU leather satchel laptop bag is an excellent look when travelling for business, college or any other destination.

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The Newhey laptop bag is a more fashionable choice with its classic leather look and beautiful feel. The bag is opened by clasp leather straps, with a stylish look, the entire laptop bag is completely made with high quality water-resistant waxed canvas fabric made from cowhide and horse leather to ensure that this bag feels quality and stays strong to ensure reliability. Not only is Newhey’s laptop bag comfortable, but it’s convenient, with plenty of compartments and space you store your laptop, iPads, other electronics, umbrellas and loads of items you need to commute to work, college or any other place!

6. MATEIN Laptop bag, 15.6 inch

MATEIN Laptop Bag 15.6/17.3Inch Laptops

MATEIN provides an excellent choice when it comes to laptop bags, it's available in both 15.3-inch laptop size and a 17.4inch laptop size, so whichever suits you. With endless capability in terms of storage you'll be able to bring whatever you need with you when it comes to travelling.

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Matein’s laptop bag provides 1 large compartment for your laptop while providing an extra 5 compartment for smaller belongings like iPads, electronics, umbrellas and other items you may need, this bag has plenty of room for your belongings. A luggage strap allows you to attach the bag to a luggage bag/suitcase – it also comes with plenty of holding features to ensure the look and comfortability for you while being completely water-resistant. It also comes in plain black so fairly standard to suit your look.

7. KROSER Laptop Bag 15.6 Inch Laptop Briefcase

KROSER Laptop Bag 15.6 Inch

KROSER produces this stylish bag while being completely practical, whilst being affordable it also provides a water-resistant shell and plenty of storage space for your belongings, like electronics and notepads.

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KROSER ensures that this bag is TSA and international airport compliant while padding this laptop bag for protection for your electronics. With durable hardware and zippers, and a PU leather handle and also comes with a 1-years warranty. You can store laptops, pens, iPads/Tablets, other electronics and plenty of other items you may need to travel with.

8. AmazonBasics Laptop Bag Professional

Amazon’s version of a laptop bag is fairly simple in design yet provides plenty of space to store your items while travelling. Amazon’s Basic’s Laptop bag also comes in two colours, black or grey. However, this bag is made from polyester, which is a downturn, but on the positive, it is only £13.84, which is a great price for what you get.

Men’s Laptop Bag Buying Guide: The Usual Questions

At we are all concerned about the safety of our laptops and other electronics, 15” MacBook Pro’s start at £2300, so you should ensure that it’s safe within a laptop bag, you don’t want to end up with a bunch of broken aluminium and glass. Finding the best laptop bag for you isn’t always easy, it’s not only about style, but it’s also about the performance of the bag to keep your electronics and laptop contents safe.

What’s The Difference Between Laptop Bags, Messenger Bags and Briefcases? 

All of these are pretty much the same, lots of messenger bags are advertised as a different product, the same with briefcases, they’re just briefcases with a laptop holding capability. At the end of the day, it’s what looks the best for you and on you.

All three can be deemed trustworthy as long as they stick to the rule of protecting your laptop and accessories while being able to hold plenty of them.

What Should I Look For When Buying a Mens Laptop Bag? 

  • Size – The laptop bag’s capability in terms of holding a laptop size, whichever that is, and if you’re considering upgrading from something like a 13” to a 15” in a year’s time, you should definitely get a laptop bag that suits for a 15” bag, these laptop bags can last for up to 3 years with proper care, depending on the material used.
  • Straps & Holding – Finding the best straps and holding straps that make your bag completely comfortable and easy to use. Luggage straps are often common among some laptop bags due to their constant flight travel, luggage straps means you can strap the laptop bag to your suitcase.
  • Compartments – Most laptop bag users will add some more than such a laptop into their bags, iPads, notepads and other electronics may need to fit into it, so having loads of compartments to fit other electronics and items in the bag is really important. For example, the Samsonite Laptop bag for men is suited with extra compartments for iPads, Notepads and other electronics.

Why Not Use a Normal Backpack or Briefcase to hold my Laptop? 

We recommend sticking to a laptop bag designed to actually hold your laptop securely and safely, backpacks with laptop holding capability aren’t often totally designed to hold the laptop, so unless we’ve particularly reviewed a backpack with great safety for laptops, go safe and choose a laptop bag.